Lupino is musician, composer, producer, and software developer by profession.

Born and raised in the Saxon Ore Mountains region, he made music since the early 2000's. Starting out as an e-bass player, he gained his first stage experiences in bands, band projects, and a brass orchestra (de), which gave him a first glimpse at jazz music.

After school he made a voluntary social year in the cultural field to avoid being drafted into the German army. There, he created the sound track to an old, dusty VHS recording of a dance performance which was his first assignment to the composition of orchestrated music. Afterwards he studied linguistics at the University of Leipzig with detours into the fields of computer sciences, philosophy, media sciences, and psychology.

During his studies he started working as a professional typesetter and, after dropping out of university, as a software developer in the broad field of scientific publishing. There, he programms print layouts, LaTeX packages, and plugins for the GNU emacs operating system. He is fluent in tex, lisp, some php, and ruby.

Yet, he stuck to his musical roots. As a domestic musician at the Leipzig Spizz restaurant he regularily stood on stage at the Piano Boogie Night and occasionally behind the mixing console. After the end of the Piano Boogie Night in 2018 he reduced his active stage time and concentrates on composing and producing, although he is occasionally to be found on stage in Leipzig's vivid jazz and session community.